Storm Damage Inspection Experts

Colorado and Wyoming weather is known for its strong winds and large hail. Unfortunately, this reliably damaging weather brings more than gusts and hail, it also brings "Storm Chaser Companies." These companies will come into town after a storm hits and leave soon after chasing the next big storm. Sometimes they leave without finishing the work they promised to do and almost always without honoring any warranty. This can leave homeowners weary and unsure of where to turn after a storm hits. Our team at Fortified Roofing & Exteriors can provide you with a free inspection, emergency fixes, and everything else you need to repair the exterior of your home.

Assessing your roof:

It is important to understand that not all storm damage is visible. Despite being designed to withstand strong storms, shingles, gutters, siding and even air conditioning units can be compromised without obvious markings. That's why its important to call a company you can trust to inspect all exterior aspects of your home after a storm. We will show you in detail the damage sustained. 

Heavy winds can rip and tear shingles, revealing the underlayment and possibly exposing any previous repairs leading to a water-compromised structure. 

Hail can dent, fracture, put holes, and leave marks on shingles, removing the granules that protect your roof from the sun and rain.

Metal Roofs can even sustain damage, with winds either blowing panels into positions they shouldn't be, or hail denting the panels and removing the paint, ultimately undermining the entire roof.